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Human risk management metrics and 25+ new features

Human cyber risk hub:

Featuring 50+ reports and metrics

Human cyber risk dashboards

Human risk metrics analyze, score, and quantify your human risk. Identify the specific security behaviors contributing to your human risk, and change them.

See human cyber risk at a glance

Take the guesswork out of human risk assessments. See metrics for specific risk areas, view the behaviors measured, and calculate the likelihood of security incidents, including financial impact. 

Spot high-risk individuals and groups for intervention

Clearly see the risk people present. Influence specific security behaviors to help people act more securely.

Predict risky behaviors before they happen

Top-10 risk reduction insights

Recommendations and actions to reduce human cyber risk. They’re ranked by risk area, organizational level, and impact. ‘Enable assist’ to take immediate action and address high-risk areas.

Linked behaviors

See the specific security behaviors that contribute to organizational human risk.

Impact settings

Adjust the impact metrics for each risk outcome for your organization. Customize the associated financial loss, disruption, and effort to improve.

25+ new features

Improvements & updates to the CybSafe platform, from your feedback

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2023 Culture survey

Better security culture insights than ever, with a new culture survey.

Module builder

Create your own compelling learning modules and stories.

OWASP: In depth

Building on the success of, ‘Software engineering professionals’ module—a primer to OWASP—this module focuses on OWASP principles in depth.

Advice API

CybSafe Advice (formerly On-demand help) is now available anywhere through APIs.

Compare learning campaigns

Evaluate whether learning campaigns achieved their goals.

Module library

Review, manage, and preview all awareness modules in one place

Advice for GUIDE

On-demand help has been refreshed, and has been renamed “Advice”. With more articles on hand than ever, the library of security advice has never looked so good.

Edit CybSafe modules

Amend CybSafe modules to include organizational technology terms, tone of voice, and policies.

User messages

Respond to your organization’s security questions.

[INTEGRATION] SuccessFactors

A direct SAP SuccessFactors LMS integration. No middleware required!

Improved compliance reporting

Easier-than-ever compliance reporting, with a new layout, new comparison report, campaign filters, and drill downs.

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NIST Phish Scale difficulty levels

Design campaigns for a range of difficulty levels. 150+ simulations now come with a NIST Phish Scale score (a “difficulty to detect” rating). See how

[INTEGRATION] PHISH with Cofense Reporter

Enhance PHISH reports and collect security behavior data by connecting with Cofense Reporter. See how

[INTEGRATION] PHISH with Proofpoint PhishAlarm

Enhance PHISH reports and collect security behavior data by connecting with Proofpoint PhishAlarm. See how

Advanced phishing domains

Use 50+ DKIM secured domains for more secure simulations. See how

Scheduler updates

Kick off campaigns whenever, including same-day campaigns. Leverage 9+ yrs of unique templates and test at 3 NIST difficult levels.

PHISH goes beyond email

Nudges and alerts help users with phishing across SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.


[BETA] Custom workflow builder

Automate human risk management with any combination of workflow triggers and actions.

Email, Teams & Slack channel alerts

Notify Slack & Teams channels in response to real-time triggers.


Objectively measure over 40 security behaviors using Splunk as a data source.

[NEW REPORT] Compromised accounts

See who has had credentials exposed in a data breach. Powered by HaveIBeenPwned with a dataset of over 5 Billion leaked credentials.


Measure 10 new behaviors across the Microsoft suite.

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Public API Preview

We’re opening up our public API preview. Use the API token generator to build integrations with CybSafe for BI Reports, LMS integrations, and behavior integrations.

Improved navigation

Find the reports and services you need, with a menu change. Rolling out across September & October. Try it now here.

4 new languages

CybSafe is now available in Thai 🇹🇭, Vietnamese 🇻🇳, Czech 🇨🇿, and Portuguese 🇵🇹.