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Quantify employee risk, orchestrate your response

Leverage risk data across your entire organization, automate security interventions, and set up intelligent workflows triggered by behavior events and security incidents.

It’s behavior event intelligence, as it should be.

RESPOND security automation solution by CybSafe

The intelligent approach to human risk management

Quantification, automation, and third-party integrations that redefine human risk management, and help reduce the burden on your security team—and reduce your risk. It’s cyber risk management, made human.

Customizable event-based workflows for behavior change

Automated next-best action for real-time risk response

Integrate third-party data sources for increased behavior intelligence

Leverage every bit of your human risk data
Take the pressure off your security team
Pre-empt security risks and prevent security incidents
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Gain a broader perspective on your human cyber risk. Integrate the CybSafe platform with your third-party data sources to truly quantify your human risk and add a whole new dimension to your behavior insights.

Prempt security risks and prevent incidents RESPOND

Give time back to teams that need it. Set up intelligent workflows on the CybSafe platform and automate everything from delivering science-based nudges that help improve your people’s security behaviors to enrolling them in targeted security awareness training.

Pre-empt security risks and prevent security incidents

Get ahead of your human cyber risk. CybSafe analyzes risk through your security products, looks out for potential cybersecurity threats, alerts your team—and anyone else who needs to know. So you can take a step back, but still take action when it’s needed.


Days for a representative view

of priority behaviors


Reduction in effort cost with

intelligent delivery channels


Increase in visibility across

your human risk surface


The cutting-edge human risk response

Preemptively safeguard your people against security threats to foster a more robust security culture with RESPOND. It integrates into your existing tech ecosystem to identify and mitigate risks through behavior event intelligence.

Simplify security decision-making for people across your organization. RESPOND+ offers customizable intelligent workflows and automated controls, alongside real-time, insights into human risk exposure.

Behavior data source APIs
Third-party behavior data source integrations
Customizable event-based workflows
Behavior Insights
Automated security controls
Customizable event-based workflows - integrated

Get more out of RESPOND

Extend the power of CybSafe with bolt-ons. Add new functionality and expand existing capabilities to create a custom CybSafe experience that works for your organization’s need. 
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In-depth data analytics and reporting to give richer insight into their human security posture, user-related risk, and security culture.

bolt ons respond 3

Integrate with various data sources to equip you with the most effective behavior-focused human risk management solution on the market.

bolt ons respond 2
Custom SSO

For bespoke SAML connections or customers with multiple identity providers.

bolt ons respond 4
Premium support

Access to designated security experts for implementation of best practices and risk mitigation


Automate your human security with RESPOND

Meet RESPOND and RESPOND+. Not your typical automation solutions, they’re your allies in efficient compliance and proactive digital vigilance. Unravel how they turn the tide on risk management, and make your team’s life a little easier.
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Deliver multi-channel digital assistance

Reach your remote, hybrid, and mobile workforces where they are with the information they need to stay secure.

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Evaluate security culture & inspire behavior change

Identify opportunities to cultivate a resilient security culture and positively influence behaviors.

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Influence 100+ specific security behaviors

Uncover behavior insights to drive change, and reinforce positive security habits.

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Achieve compliance & secure engagement

Empower your people to make smarter security decisions with interactive modules and comprehensive security awareness training.


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The scientific approach to understanding and reducing risky phishing behaviors.

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Measure security behaviors, and automate actions that reduce risk.


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Don’t take our word for it. Hear it from our customers.

What’s the unifying factor? All these organizations have seen a reduction in security incidents related to human error.

The platform has made a real difference to our people – what they know, how they behave, and even how they think about security. It’s impressive!


CybSafe has provided exactly what we need to manage our human risk, and has given us the space to develop other areas of our cybersecurity strategy.


Understand why 92% of Credit Suisse Employees feel more responsible with CybSafe.

Caroline Bansraj

Chief Security Office


Uncover how Condeco cut susceptible clicks by over 50% with CybSafe.

Graham Cole

Information Security and Data Protection Officer


Learn how the John Whitgift Foundations accomplished 75% improvement rate in Dark Web.

Susie Webb

Estates & Facilities Administrator


Discover how Genius Sports Group, a global leader in sports analysis achieved 95% course completion rate in 8 weeks.

Andy Gammon

IT Director


Identify cyber risks to implement security strategy

Explore our curated collection of resources and enhance your cyber security knowledge.
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How to influence people into making more effective security decisions, without overwhelming them with relentless nudges.


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Behavior drives outcomes

Our in-depth cyber security report highlights human attitude as a major component of successful cyber security. Learn how to build awareness and reduce security breaches


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Nudges that work

Explore nudge best practices, the art of an effective nudge and how behavioral science can influence people into using best cyber security practices.


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Making data meaningful

Regular measurement of human security behavior is essential when identifying threats and vulnerabilities. Learn how to spot which interventions reduce risk


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