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Traditional security awareness is dead

The most scientific way to provide personalized guidance, nudges, and training that influences security behaviors, reduces risk, and helps you achieve compliance—all at once.

GUIDE security awareness training solution by CybSafe

The most scientific way to help people be more secure

Measure specific security behaviors—in a fraction of the time—all while meeting your compliance requirements and reducing human risk. It’s behavioral science, realized, and personalized to suit people’s needs.

Measure and improve 100+ security behaviors

Access scientific nudges underpinned by SebDb

Deliver accredited security training across multiple languages and channels

Achieve compliance, effortlessly
Gain the insight where it matters
Realize your security goals faster
Deliver relevant, role-specific training
Connect your existing data sources
Achieve compliance GUIDE security awareness training

Cut time, money, and risk. Deliver personalized security training within minutes. Support people with on demand security guidance and advice. And meet compliance requirements in the US, the UK, the EU, and around the globe.

Track risk and behavior change

Speed up behavior measurements, and accelerate security decision-making. Access metrics you can’t get anywhere else with our proprietary data analytics and leverage the world’s most comprehensive security behaviors database, SebDB.

Help people make the secure choice

Maximize results with minimal effort. Prioritize specific security risks, set custom behavior goals, and apply interventions with demonstrable results. All you have to do is lift a finger—and click.

Deliver content that delivers results GUIDE

Replace ineffective tick-box exercises with security awareness training that isn’t just scientifically designed to target and influence specific security behaviors, but designed to engage your people, too. Accommodate different learning styles with the help of engaging story-style content, illustrations, videos, and quizzes, all tailored to ensure inclusivity and accessibility across diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Connect your existing data sources. GUIDE integrations

Make cybersecurity work for you, without changing how you work. Integrate CybSafe to your LMS, LXP, and existing data sources with modern REST APIs.


Increase in employee

cybersecurity confidence


More likely to engage

in cybersecurity initiatives



in security behaviors


The extra nudge people need

Level up your security game with the extra nudge you need to drive behavior change. GUIDE+ harnesses the power of our Culture Assessment Tool, CybSafe Alerts, and the customizable nudge tool, scientifically designed to influence behaviors. GUIDE+ is the bridge between knowledge and action, with personalized, multi-language and omnichannel security communications your people will appreciate.

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Security awareness training and stories - general, role specific and risk-based
Family and friends content sharing
On-demand advice and guidance
Reporting insights
iOS and Android mobile app
Multiple language support - view supported languages
User messages
Content customization
Behavior goals and actions plans
LMS integrations
CybSafe Nudges
CybSafe Alerts
Personalized security behavior goals
Digital security companion for persona-based guidance & support

Free for up to 100 employees


Get more out of GUIDE

Extend the power of CybSafe with bolt-ons. Add new functionality and expand existing capabilities to create a custom CybSafe experience that works for your organization’s need. 

Insights for GUIDE


In-depth data analytics and reporting to give richer insight into their human security posture, user-related risk, and security culture.



Integrate with various data sources to equip you with the most effective behavior-focused human risk management solution on the market.

Custom SSO for GUIDE

Custom SSO

For bespoke SAML connections or customers with multiple identity providers.

Premium support for GUIDE

Premium support

Access to designated security experts for implementation of best practices and risk mitigation.


Redefine your human security with GUIDE

Revamp your organization’s culture using GUIDE and GUIDE+. Explore how the versatile applications of GUIDE can fortify your cybersecurity, amplify compliance measures, and foster a climate of anticipatory digital watchfulness in your organization.

Achieve compliance and secure engagement with GUIDE

Achieve compliance & secure engagement

Empower your people to make smarter security decisions with interactive modules and comprehensive, multi-language security awareness training.

Influence +100 security behaviors with GUIDE

Influence 100+ specific security behaviors

Uncover behavior insights to drive change, and reinforce positive security habits.

Cybersecurity culture

Evaluate security culture & inspire behavior change

Identify opportunities to cultivate a resilient security culture and positively influence behaviors.

Deliver multi channel assistance with GUIDE

Deliver multi-channel digital assistance

Reach your remote, hybrid, and mobile workforces where they are with the information they need to stay secure.


Not what you are looking for?

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The scientific approach to understanding and reducing risky phishing behaviors.

Phish Product CybSafe

Measure security behaviors, and automate actions that reduce risk.


Respond Product CybSafe

Don’t take our word for it. Hear it from our customers.

What’s the unifying factor? All these organizations have seen a reduction in security incidents related to human error.

We’ve seen exactly the kind of improvement in engagement and security behaviors that we were hoping for. CybSafe has been a game changer for us!


With so many people working remotely, cybersecurity could be a real problem. However, thanks to CybSafe, we’ve found people are being much more careful. They have the knowledge to stay safe even when they’re not in the office. CybSafe helps everyone to create good cybersecurity habits.


The platform has made a real difference to our people – what they know, how they behave, and even how they think about security. It’s impressive!


Understand why 92% of Credit Suisse Employees feel more responsible with CybSafe.

Caroline Bansraj

Chief Security Office


Uncover how Condeco cut susceptible clicks by over 50% with CybSafe.

Graham Cole

Information Security and Data Protection Officer


Learn how the John Whitgift Foundations accomplished 75% improvement rate in Dark Web.

Susie Webb

Estates & Facilities Administrator


Discover how Genius Sports Group, a global leader in sports analysis achieved 95% course completion rate in 8 weeks.

Andy Gammon

IT Director


Cybersecurity essentials

Knowledge is power. Expand your cybersecurity awareness using our range of effective resources.

Security Awareness is Dead

Security awareness is dead

Traditional, tick-box security training is useless against human cyber security breaches. In fact, it’s dead. Train your staff to become your strongest security link.


Impactful nudging

Impactful nudging

Follow our effective nudge strategies that empower, encourage and inspire employees into adopting effective, long-term security behaviors.


Changing attitudes

Changing attitudes

Our report reveals why changes in behavior and attitude are critical to successful cyber security implementation, leading to a reduction in human-error cyber breaches.


Meaningful metrics

Measuring for success

Awareness, behavior and culture are all measurable. Collecting data on changes in cyber risk and security interventions is crucial for identifying human cyber breaches.


Experience GUIDE today

Step into the future of security with GUIDE. Schedule a demo or reach out to our team to begin your journey towards a more secure, compliant, and risk-resilient organization.