APRIL 2024

CybSafe spring release 2024


Security awareness, your way.

Build Custom modules.

We’ve released a new Bolt-on:

Module builder

Spring release 2024 - Module builder - edit official CybSafe modules

You can edit official CybSafe modules to suit your organizational specific context.

Spring release 2024 - Module builder - Build your own modules

Build your own from scratch, with our easy-to-use editor.

Spring release 2024 - Module builder - Add video

Include your own videos, too!

New features

Improvements & updates to the CybSafe platform, from your feedback.

GUIDE logo
GUIDE logo

Security heroes 2.0

GUIDE’s Security heroes feature helps you identify security advocates, and can inform your incentive program. It’s a core gamification feature in CybSafe, and it now delivers even more value.

Make sure newer people aren’t at a disadvantage by making use of the new adjustable scoring period. Plus, send congratulatory messages to the heroes of the month, and download the security hero leaderboard.

Get started here

Seasonal nudges

Science shows we’re all more likely to see—and fall victim to—online scams during holiday periods.

Help your people stay safer with our seasonal nudges. This season kicks off with April Fools’ Day, and covers everything from Star Wars Day and World Password Day, to Pride Month and the Summer Solstice.

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Module builder 2.0

Make tweaks to your own modules, plus you can embed your own video. More value. More flex.

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GUIDE + logo
PHISH logo
GUIDE + logo

Enhanced culture reports

Building a strong security culture is everything. But we can’t build on something if we can’t see it.

GUIDE+ now has an enhanced culture reporting feature. It gives you dynamic data visualization, group-level filtering, sentiment analysis, and dimensions group comparison. That means better insights on your organization’s culture.

PHISH logo

Build better campaigns, faster

An updated user experience for setting up phishing campaigns. This will make the choices easier during setup, and cut the campaign setup time.

Curious about the keys to successful phishing campaigns? Check out How to phish the CybSafe way.


CybSafe GAIN: The future

Coming to RESPOND soon! CybSafe GAIN is our AI-enhanced automation product. It designs personalized nudges and interventions dynamically based on specific risks. Turn it on, save time, and automate your risk reduction.

Sign up to the BETA here ⬇️

more logo
more logo

HRM events

AKA everything everywhere all at once. See a clear picture of all human risk management activity in one place.

Indispensable, whether you’re conducting detailed investigations, tracking trends, or simply catching up with what happened during your downtime.

Check out our HRM help centre article

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